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Deadlift Competition

The allure of surrendering or taking it easy on yourself during training can be strong. The journey may be lengthy and demanding, tiring and protracted. The term "deadlift" evokes intense sensations of lifting heavy weights and feeling the lightness afterward: The more you stack the more you gain!


  1. Address intellectual property rights and ownership of any work created during the event. Clearly communicate ownership rights and any licensing agreements associated with participant(your) submissions. No form of plagiarism is allowed.
  2. Ensure that all gaming requirements for the event, such as equipment, software, and applications are arranged well in advance. Test all gaming setups to address any issues beforehand. Do not download from malicious sources.
  3. Check more rules here.

Event Date:

1st March

Harddit Bedi


Muskaan Tayal


*Registration fees are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.